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Our Services

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Whether you own or rent your home, homeowners insurance or renters insurance will give you peace of mind in case of damages or theft. We help you determine the correct replacement value of your property. Making sure your valuables and all of the contents of your home are properly covered. 

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 Our agents evaluate your auto insurance annually to stay informed of new changes and potential for cost savings. We shop insurance for you through a variety of car insurance carriers in order to get you the best coverage for your money.

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Although the cost of most things seems to go up over time, you might be surprised to discover that life insurance can be more affordable than you would expect, if you have not shopped for it lately, reach out today. Be assured you are looking out for your loved ones. 

What Our Clients Are Saying...


Waxhaw Homeowner

We have been clients of Waxhaw Insurance for 40+ years for our home and auto. Our claims have been treated in a timely and appropriate manner and we would never think of going anywhere else. 

Allen Michael

Business Owner

Not only was Alice able to get our insurance certifications sent out to our clients in a timely manner, but she also saved us a lot of money on our premiums. I would definitely recommend Waxhaw Insurance to anyone looking for business insurance. 


Waxhaw Homeowner

The whole team at Waxhaw Insurance is extremely helpful and friendly. Whenever I have a question about my insurance, I give them a call and they help me find the answer. If you are looking for a great insurance agency, contact Waxhaw Insurance!

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" You never know what is down the road... we'll make sure you're covered!"

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