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Homeowners & Renters Insurance

Whether you own or rent your home, homeowners insurance or renters insurance will give you peace of mind in case of damages or theft. At Waxhaw Insurance Agency, we will help you determine the correct replacement value of your property. Making sure your valuables and all of the contents of your home are properly covered by homeowners' insurance or renters insurance.


Ask the agents at Waxhaw Insurance Agency for advice to make sure you are neither under-insured or over-insured.

Consider what it would cost to replace your personal items, including electronics such as computers and televisions, jewelry, and furniture,  in case of fire or theft in the event that you do not have homeowners' insurance coverage.  You might not realize how many valuable items you own until you think about the cost of replacing your personal belongings.

Contents insurance covers your belongings against loss or damage by theft or attempted theft, fire, explosion, or lightning. ‘Contents’ may be defined as the personal items you keep within the home you rent or own, from money to furniture and accessory furnishings, or belongings you store outdoors, in a garage, outbuilding – also items you carry with you and the jewelry you wear.  If you already have content coverage, make sure it is the right coverage for you.


Does your policy offer replacement cost coverage? Do you need to schedule your jewelry or fine arts? At Waxhaw Insurance Agency, we can show you cost-saving options to insure valuables!

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