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Uber Drivers, Check Your Coverage

An Important Message for Uber Drivers and Delivery Drivers:

This time of year, Uber drivers and delivery drivers stay super busy. These jobs offer flexibility and fast money for safe drivers who are willing to use their own car for the job.

Are you thinking about earning some extra cash for the holidays, as in, delivering pizza or being an Uber driver? This can actually be a great way to pay off the bills. However, Uber drivers and delivery drivers are on the road a lot, so is more risky during a season where lots of drivers are distracted, stressed, and impaired.

Consider this first: NC Personal Automobile policy excludes Liability Coverage for any insured arising out of the ownership or operation of a vehicle while it is being used as a public or livery conveyance. This includes but is not limited to any period of time that insured is logged into an Uber or Lyft as a driver, whether or not a passenger is occupying the vehicle. This applies to pizza delivery and other professional delivery services as well. If you are working a delivery or professional transport job using your own automobile, you need to make sure you would be covered by insurance while on the job.

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