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Auto Insurance

Do you know what your car insurance policy would pay if you cause an accident? What your bodily injury limit is per person? What your property damage limit is? Do you have rental reimbursement? 

The time to find out the answer to these questions is NOT after the accident.

Waxhaw Insurance Agency will help you understand your options on insurance coverage for your road vehicle including your motorcycle. Bundling your home and auto policy is the start of substantial savings.

The agents at  Waxhaw Insurance Agency remain aware of new and changing state regulations, as well as competition among the national insurance carrier companies, that can also potentially change their premiums from year to year.


Ask our agents to evaluate your auto insurance on an annual basis to stay informed of new changes and the potential for cost savings. We can shop your insurance for you through a variety of car insurance carriers in order to get you the best coverage for your money.

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