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When A Hurricane Goes Inland

If you have seen firsthand the power of hurricane or tropical storm winds and rains, you’re probably a bit unnerved by the potential models for Hurricane Florence.  Most homeowners insurance policies cover the types of storm damage that can occur in the place where you live. Flooding typically occurs in coastal areas as tides rise during hurricanes. But, what happens when the hurricane remains strong as it travels over land away from the coast? Is flooding a threat where we live?

Flooding can be threat in some inland areas. If you live in an area determined by FEMA to be a risk for flooding, that information is important to know. Check out this easy tool on the FEMA website for determining the flood risk near your home: FEMA Flood Map Service Center

If the results of a search on that webpage show that you are in a high risk area, you should consider flood insurance. Flood insurance doesn’t take effect until 30 days after its purchase.  If you live in a flood zone, you may be required by the state of NC to have flood insurance if you have a mortgage on your home. The bigger risk for most Waxhaw area residents is wind damage. Blowing rain and debris, falling trees, etc are part of the destruction caused by storm winds. Here are our suggestions for preparing your home for the gusty winds of a hurricane or tropical storm:

  • Tie down or store patio furniture, grills and outdoor accessories that could be blown by heavy winds

  • Remove dead or diseased trees/limbs from vegetation around your property

  • Clean gutters, drains and check basement sump pumps to make sure they are functioning and repair fragile gutter areas that could break due to heavy winds

  • Keep your blinds or curtains closed during a wind and rain storm in case the glass of the window breaks

  • Prepare for a potential power outage

  • Don’t forget to have alternative charging methods for your cell phone or other devices you rely on

  • Put gas in your car

Anyone who lived here in September of 1989 when Hurricane Hugo unexpectedly came inland knows that coastal places are not the only places that should prepare for the worst when a hurricane of tropical storm is predicted to follow a path through the area. At Waxhaw Insurance Agency, we’re here for our customers. We are available to answer your questions about your coverage.

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